How To Start Investing In Stocks

Investing in stocks is one of the most powerful methods to enhancing your wealth. Investing in the stock market has proven more lucrative than many other assets, as it promises higher returns on investment. The bottom line is that if you are looking to grow your wealth then you need to understand how to invest in stocks.

Once you understand investing in stocks, you can also extend your knowledge to other forms of investing. Here is your complete guide that will guide you as a beginner investor.

Types Of Stocks To Buy

Investing in stocks is not a uniform practice. There are many varieties of stocks you can invest in. The stocks you should invest in should be determined by the expected return of the stock. You want to buy stocks before they explode in the market.

Here are some examples of the different types of assets you can buy:

Individual Stocks

This is an ideal choice for beginners. It involves researching the stock market and different companies. Through this research, you can figure out which company’s stock has a good chance of increasing in price. Sometimes, a stock can be too costly ($1000s of dollars per share). In this case, there are many options to invest in fractional shares.

There are many ways to research which stocks to buy, but Goodseed’s tool is the best method by far. Goodseed uses AI to analyze Google search volume to determine which stocks are going to explode in the market. They even have a 10 day free trial! Try it out here.

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF’s)

ETF’s provide an opportunity to diversify your portfolio. This is because ETF’s consist of a variety of individual stocks to keep track of an underlying index. This means that the share you are buying consists of a variety of companies in the same industry. For example, you can buy a marijuana ETF or a real estate ETF. In other words, you can bet on the increase in price of an industry rather than just a company.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a type of share that provides profits through capital gains, dividends, and interest income. They are like an ETF but with this important distinction: managers of mutual funds will try to beat a benchmark index. In other words, there are investors working to beat the returns of an industry. If a mutual fund stock is low cost, then it will work like an ETF.

What do I choose? is a good starting place to choose what to start investing in. They analyze internet search trends to determine which stocks will generate the most return that day. They send daily emails and you have access to an online tool to access the search data whenever you want. Try Goodseed for free now for 10 days!

How To Start Investing In Stocks

Now that you know the best stocks to buy you need to learn how to invest in stocks. You can invest in stocks all by yourself or you can get a financial advisor to help you. Here are the different ways to invest in stocks:

Open An Online Brokerage Account

If you have gotten a grasp on the concept of investing and you want to do it yourself then you can open an online brokerage account. Some examples are Robinhood or Charles Schwab. You will be your guide as you have complete freedom when it comes to choosing and buying the stocks you want.

Financial Advisor

If you are not confident in your skills and need guidance then you can hire a financial advisor. They will help you make sound investments and they will manage your investment for you for a fee.


Robo-advisors are cost-effective. They will buy stocks and manage your portfolio on your behalf. However, since it isn’t a human, you will not be able to get any guidance or answers to your questions.

Final Words

If you are a complete beginner and don’t know how to invest in stocks then make use of our tool now. It will analyze stock search volume for you and help you make sound investments through AI-generated stock reports. You will receive daily emails and access to the Goodseed stock tool, where you can search any stock you want. Try it for free for 10 days!

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