What Happened to $HUSA Today?

This morning, on, there was an increase in the search volume for $HUSA, Houston American Energy. What happened?

Last month, Houston American Energy $HUSA restarted drilling in the Permian Basin. Today,. HUSA saw their stock price launch over 500%. As part-owners of the 6,336 acres of oil, the company has possibly revealed a path with high profit horizons.

According to Investor Place, HUSA stock typically trades around 753,726 stocks per day. However, today shocked the oil industry, as HUSA blew up the market with 143.66 million trades executed. Thousands of new Robinhood users jumped on HUSA as soon as the price leaped this morning. Will Houston American Energy ride the few waves of oil still left in the world? Or could politics come in the way of that? That much will become clear in the following weeks.

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